Saturday, April 28, 2012

You're My Miracle - Samantha Morgan

In her newest book, teenage author, Samantha Morgan has a hit on her hands.  In "You're My Miracle", Morgan tackles a very mature subject matter, cancer, and she does it with an understanding that is far beyond her 14 year old reasoning.  She draws readers into the story of two young adults who are weaving their way through life, one as a newly reborn Christian, when tragedy rears its ugly head.  She leads her readers on a journey of emotion, as one of the main characters struggles with diagnosis and treatment of cancer.  As the story progresses, the characters mature and their relationship grows.  She weaves a tale of true fears with compassion and understanding.  The end of the story will leave you uplifted, as she shows that despite the twists and turns of cancer, life still moves on.

As part of a group that has read this book, we were all amazed at the maturity shown in the author undertaking this topic and handling it with such insight and understanding.  Many in the reading group stated that had they not previously known the age of the author, they wouldn't have believed that she was only a teenager.  All readers in the group gave two thumbs up!  Keep yours eyes on this talented young author!

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