Saturday, April 28, 2012

Benedict Arnold: Legacy Lost (A Ghost's Story) by Will Martin

Do you remember the facts learned about Benedict Arnold from school history class?  When you mention the name, the first thing you think of is traitor, right?  In this historical fiction work, author Will Martin, who has spent 10 years researching Benedict Arnold's role in American history, sheds some interesting new insights into who Benedict Arnold really was and why he would betray his country.

 Arnold struggled with President George Washington, as well as family and friends, to change the traitor tag, that ended up sticking with him throughout the annals of history.  As the first elected president of the newly formed United States, George Washington faced many struggles, one of which was keeping secret the true motives of Benedict Arnold.

The book was well written, with a lot of mystery and intrigue.  The plot moves along well. As the mystery unfolds, it shows that Arnold didn't act alone in his treasonous act.  Through the reading of this story it was easy to see that there was more to Benedict Arnold's total story than what was covered in most American history books. This story is much more than just a retelling of history, it's telling the journey of a soul - including two chapters of Arnold's recollection of his listening to Handel's Messiah and the effects it had on him spiritually. 

If nothing else, after reading this historical fiction, you will wonder "what if"...maybe you'll even have a different opinion of Arnold's legacy. I know that I'd like to believe that Arnold had different motives than what I was taught about in school.  Even those who aren't big history buffs, will find the story line fascinating. While a definite answer to why Arnold did what he did lies only with those involved and have now passed on, this story at least gives some other insights to consider.

I wish to thank the author, Will Martin and the publisher, Legacy Lost for the complimentary copy of this book in exchange for this review.

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