Friday, April 20, 2012

Heaven in Her Arms: Why God Chose Mary to Raise His Son and What It Means for You By: Catherine Hickem

I enjoyed this book very much, it made me look at my role as a mother in a deeper way - it helped me see God's desire for me and my relationship with my children.  It's made me draw deeper into knowing 'who I am in Christ'.  Pondering and deeper thought recurs often throughout this book.

I also enjoyed digging deeper into Mary - not just the Mary of the Christmas story - but how Mary should be our role model for womanhood.  Hickem takes the Scriptures we know of Mary and digs deeper - showing that she wasn't just a character in a bible story, but that she was a real person, with real fears, real emotions, real struggles, real questions.  The author did a great job in not only introducing Mary to the readers, but helped detail her inner thoughts and struggles that shaped Mary, so that we could see the incredibly important role she played in shaping Jesus as her son and as the Messiah.

Before reading this book, I hadn't thought too deeply about Mary and her role before, but after reading this book, I see that God is using this as a way to teach women today powerful lessons to be the women He created us to be.

PUBLISHER'S DESCRIPTION: Jesus is Mary's son and Jesus is the Son of God. The God of the universe hand picked Mary to raise His Son!
Mary was there the day Jesus was born and she was there the day he was crucified. Her story is deep and rich and has myriad lessons for any woman-mothers, daughters, sisters, friends.
Mary's story reveals that a woman's heart is important to the Father.
When God selected Mary," Hickem says, "He was looking for heart. God set out to find the precise woman who would give her heart to Him, completely and wholly. He wanted a woman with whom He could entrust His perfect Son. This was going to be no ordinary woman."
Heaven in Her Arms will touch your heart if you are facing fear and uncertainty, wondering about leaving your plans behind, feeling a need for community and the support of other women, or wanting to deepen your life of faith.
Hickem reflects on Mary's story and offers practical applications, as well as inspiring real-life stories from contemporary women. With a six-week Bible study for individuals or small groups, Heaven in Her Arms shows the life of faith Mary exemplified and God's tender heart for His daughters.

Thanks to BookSneeze for the complimentary copy for my review.

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