Monday, April 30, 2012

Not This Time by Vicki Hinze

When I requested to review this book from Blogging for Books, I wasn't aware that this was the third book in a series - the description from the blogger site was unclear in this.  I usually avoid reviewing books in the middle of a series, unless I've read the others, as often times the story line just picks up and takes off without much back-tracking to catch up readers who haven't started with the first book of the series.  It took me a while to get into the swing of the book - which wouldn't have happened had I known more of the story and characters from the previous books.  With that said, this is an action packed story, that was well written.  My only suggestion would have been to make it a little easier for those of us who came in during the middle, so to speak.  There is something about small towns - personally, I love them (and yes, I live in one too).  They seem safe, a dot on the map that most people have no clue about, but in this story terrorism hits this small town and it's unnerving.  In small towns everyone seems to know everyone else, so to have a situation like this in a small town and not knowing who is behind it leaves the residents wondering if this is an inside it someone among them?   Overall, not a bad story...

Thanks Blogging for Books for the opportunity to review this book.

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