Friday, July 8, 2011

A Roller Coaster of Emotions Today

Hello Dear Friends & can definitely be summed up as a "roller coaster of emotions".

The morning started out quiet and was one of those rare occasions when my daughter and I had the house to ourselves. We decided to just hang out together and have some fun - boy, did we ever! So much laughter over just plain silly stuff. I love my daughter's laughter. Heck, I just plain love my daughter! She's a cool kid...okay, teenager...but still a kid in this mom's eyes.  We kicked around the idea of going out for lunch somewhere and decided to just stay in, fix a sandwich and continue some of our crazy antics on Face Book and Twitter :)  Definitely the start up the roller coaster's hill....

When the mailman arrived today, he delivered my much awaited for Associates Degree from Vision International University. I really thought after all the hard work, I'd be more excited when it arrived - but then again, whenever anything good happens to me, it seems there is someone around to steal that joy...and that happened over a month ago - it still stings pretty good from time to time.  Maybe after I look at it a few more times, the joy of earning that degree will seep back in.  Guess we're still climbing that first hill....

This afternoon, I got to spend some time on the blog of another dear friend, reading what it was like for her today - the 3rd anniversary of her breast cancer diagnosis.  Thankfully, she's not had any recurrences since she completed her treatment and is living life to the full! Have we reached the top of the roller coaster's hill?

Then this evening, in the midst of more laughter with my daughter (and several congratulatory text messages), I get a phone call from the friend of a friend.  It never ceases to amaze me how friendship connections are made - this was one of those amazing connections!  We're cresting the hill....
For a moment I was thrilled to hear the voice on the other end of the phone, as she told me who she was.  That elation lasted only a minute as the nature of her call was revealed.  It was a serious health problem with our mutual friend (the woman who I consider "the sister God forgot to give me" AND the most inspirational person I've ever known!) - as I write this, she's on her way to a San Diego hospital to have brain surgery.  She's been fighting melanoma and one of the mestastic tumors in her brain has started bleeding. The wind has definitely been knocked out of me!  And now we're flying down the other side of the roller coaster hill, heading toward the ground at break-neck speed...time to hang's going to be a wild ride!

One thing I know for sure, is that God is with her and her husband.  He's been listening to the prayer warriors pray for her all through her battles.  I'm hanging on to HOPE, just as she always has.  I just ask, if you're reading this - please take a moment and say a prayer.  God knows all about the situation and even knows her name.

I'll continue to update as I know more.

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