Sunday, July 10, 2011

Being A Star That Shines Brightly

Just a few thoughts about stars from Phil. 2:12-15 on Shining Like Stars.

Stars shine, that's their purpose; they were created for it.

They shine regardless of whether people see them. They shine even when people aren't looking. Stars shine all the time.

In order for stars to be seen, the closer lights can't be as bright - they block out the stars.  The clouds must be removed - no matter how dark the sky, if it's cloudy you can't see stars.  And the person looking for the stars must look up.

We are called to be like the stars.  We are to shine regardless of what surrounds us. Even the smallest star can be seen in the darkest of night; in the darkest sky.

God will decide who will see us, when they will see us & how they will see. God also makes it so that once others see us, shining as stars in a dark world because of our salvation, they are changed. They take notice of something different; something shining brightly in a dark world. We may never know that they've been changed because of Jesus' light shining in & through us, but no one is ever the same after an encounter with Jesus.

**An update about my friend from the "roller coaster" post - currently all is stable and we are in a holding pattern until the neurosurgeon comes in on Monday and runs some more tests. Updates will continue. Thanks for the prayers.

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