Friday, July 1, 2011


WOW!  Here we are at the beginning of a new month.  Hard to believe how fast this year is moving along.  Why does it seem that winter takes so long to pass, but the summer seems to just fly?  I dread the thought of...GULP...winter's return.  Regardless of how tough (and long) our winter seems, I am blessed to live in one of the most beautiful areas of the country!  My grandfather spent time as a salesman for the AVM Corp, and had to travel all over the country.  He was always glad to return to this area - he said he found no place as beautiful...I certainly agree. I'm also reminded of my late husband's thoughts of this area - he said it was 'paradise'...yep, he was a smart, smart man :)

Today is one of those Pennsylvania days that resound the beauty of the area: the sun's shining, the sky's beautiful blue, the air is clean and clear, the bird's are singing praises to God, flowers are smiling at their Creator, a gentle breeze is blowing, the temperature is "just right" and the humidity is low.....ahhh....the beauty of God is all around....Thank you Lord, for this dayThis is a day that YOU have made, I WILL rejoice and be glad today (Psalm 118:24).

We serve an awesome God.  He is so good to His children.  He is so faithful.  He listens to our prayers and answers every single one of them - sometimes in creatively, unexpected ways!  I've been deeply reflecting on God's goodness; His many blessings in my life; His ways; His plans and purposes - I'm overwhelmed and humbled.  His grace and mercy are unending.  I'm so in love with Jesus! This journey with Him has been amazing.  It's my prayer that each of you who are reading this come to know Jesus the way I know Him.  Have you made the decision to make Jesus the Lord of your life?  Believe me, it's the BEST decision you'll ever make! If you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you already know how awesome life becomes because of Him.  If you don't know Jesus, it's real simple...just ask me :)  God's heart is for you to come to know Him, to come into a relationship with Him, to become one of His children - to be His friend! Yes! God really calls you His friend, when you accept Him into your life! You don't have to 'clean up' to come to God - He'll take you as you are. The most awesome thing is - He never leaves you the same! He works in you, with you and through you - you are always a 'work in progress' - being conformed into His image.

Life is a lot like working a jigsaw puzzle.  Sometimes the scattered pieces of my life - that at the time I was dealing with them, they didn't seem to "fit" together - but God has been showing me how He has put them together, to create a beautiful life.  Not one single moment was wasted.  Jesus told his disciples to gather up the fragments “so that nothing is wasted” (John 6:12 NLT).  God has used every single moment of my life (good and bad) - not one second of it has been wasted!  Every moment has taught me something: thankfulness, correction, compassion, love, forgiveness, my need for dependence on Jesus - the list is incredibly long!  While the puzzle is far from complete, I'm excited to see how the rest of the pieces come together :)

I've been indulging in these 'reflections' because I have an interview coming up in the not too distant future, in connection with getting my license to minister.  I have no idea what kinds of things I'll be asked about, but it's been fun reminiscing about all that God has done in my life...and it's been even more fun to think about all that He has in store.

I've been blessed to know many wonderful people - I'll introduce you to a few of them, as we journey together.  I'll share not just memories, but blessings, funny stories....and even a few tears.  So, stop by again and join me - we can put our feet up, sit back and relax and sip Lattes or Iced Tea, as we travel life's highway together :)  God's blessing on you.

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