Monday, December 19, 2011

Love Lifted Me by Sara Evans and Rachel Hauck

Love Lifted Me - book 3 in a six-part series. This book can be read as a stand-alone novel. It is well written and you won't feel left behind wondering what happened before, if you have not read the first two books.

This novel continues the story of Jade, her husband, Max, and little Asa.  It's a beautiful story.  The beginning of the book seems a bit like a movie script, and honestly, it took me a little bit of reading to really 'warm' up to the story because of this - it seemed a little like jumping into a movie after you missed the first ten to fifteen minutes, but it was easy to get into after that.

Jade Benson embraces unexpected motherhood when her husband Max gains custody of his young son. As she and Max work out their newly formed family, an invitation to coach Texas high school football sends them on a journey.

Then a stranger reveals a painful secret, and Jade faces her hardest challenge yet. When she surrenders her heart to God and to her husband, Jade discovers the joy of love lifting her above her fears.

Love Lifted Me is a story of strong and surrendered love that learns not to look back but living and loving in the "now".  It's a story of dreams, realities, heartache, pain, joy, gladness, surrender and finding peace.  And like Sara Evans states: "All my songs tell a story. But this one is special. My first book series is about looking backward while moving forward. It's about chasing dreams, endless country roads, and tender faith."

I wish to thank Book Sneeze, the blog review program of Thomas Nelson, for the complimentary copy of this book for my review.

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  1. This book is full of hope. There is still enough conflict to keep the reader interested and make her leave her dishes undone and dinner uncooked while she finds out what will happen to these people she's grown to care about, but the tone of this book is markedly different from the first.