Friday, December 9, 2011

A Plain & Simple Christmas by Amy Clipston

Anne Mae has been shunned by her Old Order Amish family for her decision to marry Englisher, Kellan.  Anne Mae's expecting her first child and her heart's desire for Christmas is to reunite with her family, so that her child will get to know Anne Mae's parents and siblings.  Through a series of letters between Anne Mae and her sister-in-law, plans are made for Anne Mae and Kellan to come back home for Christmas.  Anne Mae's arrival is not the warm reception she hopes for, especially with her father, the local Bishop.  After several uncomfortable encounters, Anne Mae feels that there is no way reconciliation will happen and she and husband, Kellan decide to go back to Baltimore to celebrate Christmas there.  After their vehicle slides off the road, into a snow bank, a Christmas miracle is about to happen....

This is a sweet story for anyone hoping for a little escape from the hustle and bustle of the holidays and enjoys Christmas miracles.  There's also an interesting recipe included that really sounds good, in fact, I will probably try it!

This was the first Amish story I've read by author Amy Clipston.  It was an enjoyable, quick read.

The only draw back I had with the book, was the numerous times the author used Amish phrases throughout the story.  Clipston includes a glossary of the words and phrases in the front of the book and it got a little frustrating flipping back and forth to figure out the meaning of the words and phrases.  It seemed like she was trying to impress her readers with her knowledge of Amish words and phrases.  This seemed to take away from the flow of the story.  There was one major mistake in the text, a mix-up of the character's name in one of the's not a big deal but was enough to draw attention to the error and disrupted the flow, making it a bit disappointing that it wasn't caught in the proofreading process.

I wish to thank Zondervan publishers for the complimentary copy of this book for my honest review.

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