Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris

The author has an engaging writing style, and by drawing on his and his family's own life experiences and shortcomings, Harris effectively gets his message across, by causing us to consider what the foundation of our faith is built upon. Is that foundation on dangerous ground, or does it stand on the Solid Rock, Jesus Christ, and His Gospel of Grace?  He challenges the reader to not just be content with what you are spoon-fed in church, but to dig in for yourself to uncover what is true.  Using his sense of humor, examples in his own life and the lives of others he knows, conviction, ...and even a couple of sketches, Harris, gives a compelling argument on why the reader needs to study God.  His explanation of the basic doctrines of Christianity is easy to understand.  “We’re all theologians. The question is whether what we know about God is true.” What an incredible thought to begin a book! There is an idea within our culture that theology seeks to explain away the unexplainable or to put God into a box. The real issue is at hand is whether what you know about God is true. Joshua Harris has a way of writing that you could read the entire book and not even realize that you are reading a systematic theology. I liked reading a review by another reviewer who had this to say: The book is a quasi systematic theology/ autobiography mix. The reader gets so caught up with Harris’ stories that you slowly forget that you are actually learning something (I mean this as a good thing, not a bad thing).  As a bible college instructor/facilitator, I feel that anyone in a church teaching/preaching position should read this and see a new perspective on how to teach theology in such a way that even a nine year old can understand.

I was provided with a free copy of Dug Down Deep by Blogging For Books for purposes of review. I was not required to give a positive review, only a fair and honest one. My opinions are my own.

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