Sunday, October 23, 2011

Where Has The Time Gone?

WOW! It's hard to believe that October is almost over...and I haven't been back here most of the month. How did that happen?  I know how that's called "study overload"!  I never in my wildest imaginations would have thought I'd have to put so much work into my latest Bible College class.  It gets kind of wild, teaching it, as well as taking the class.  I do more work on the course than all the other students, because I have to not only keep up with the current studies, but I have to do so much preparation and reading ahead in order to be fully prepared to teach!!  On top of all of this, we have had a lot of medical issues this month - translation: many more doctor office visits = a lot of time lost to other things :(  And, unfortunately, we still aren't finished...there are more doctor visits this week.  How sweet it will be when all the appointments are behind us.

We did manage to take some time this past week to go to the Halloween ZooBoo event at the Erie Zoo - as always, it was a lot of fun...but bittersweet at the same time, as Sami is now at the cut-off age for such fun.  Next year, she'd never pass for a child young enough to participate in the event.  She did have a great time this year, especially watching the magician in the kids edZOOcation building...she picked up on the secret of a couple tricks and she's going to be practicing them, so she can perform them for the children at Champions Children's Ministry.

Needless to say, with the busy schedule, I haven't gotten through many of the books in the latest stack, so I'm behind in my book reviews too.  Can I just say, that I'm not a fan of being this far behind in my normal routine?  I know, this too shall pass...I just need to be patient and enjoy the ride.

I did enjoy this weekend because it was filled with anointed teachings by my friend, Woody Woodson.  He taught at church Friday & Saturday evening, as well as in both Sunday morning services today.  What an amazing time.  His prophecies spoken over me, my daughter and my mother were confirmations of what we've been dealing with...and the encouragement we received revived us all.

I appreciate you being patient with me during this hectic time, please stick with me in this...there is some good stuff coming. 

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