Sunday, September 7, 2014

"Oh, Brother..." by Samantha L. Morgan

This is first book in the 'Oh, Brother' series, by the very talented, young author, Samantha L. Morgan.

Olivia Walden, 13, is harboring a fear deep inside....methyphobia (the fear of alcohol)...and she thinks she's keeping it well under-wraps.  Olivia and her older brother, Dan are very close to one another.  Dan, (a former alcoholic), begins seeing unusual behavior in his young sister, he's not quite sure how to go about getting Olivia to open up and share what going on.  Will Dan be able to penetrate the fortress Olivia has tried to build around herself to protect her from her deep-seeded fear, or will Dan's past hinder Olivia in overcoming this fear?  Together, this tight-knit group of siblings and friends, with God's help will find out what it really means to trust in God and each other.

This novel is filled with humorous situations and tender moments, quirky, fun-loving, relate-able characters that will stick with the reader long after the final page is read, and leave you wanting to know more of what goes on in the lives of the Walden family.  

If you're a fan of the television shows 7th Heaven and Reba, you'll love this novel!

Oh, Brother is available for purchase at 
Book 2 in the Oh, Brother series, "Tough Love" will be available at the same web address this fall.

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