Sunday, September 7, 2014

I'm Back!!!

Hello Again, Reader Friends....

After an incredibly long hiatus, this blog is back up and running.

There seems to be 'enough' in life with just with the 'usual routine', let alone adding additional "things/duties" to the mix.

I got so inundated with books that people wanted me to read and review for them, it soon became overwhelming.  While I love doing this, and I admit, it's hard for me to say no to anyone, I basically burned myself out.  It no longer became "fun" or "pleasurable" to read.  Add to all this the fact that I was studying for my Master's was made for the perfect combination to create "burn out".  So I decided I needed a hiatus for a while.  I never imagined, it would be 9 months long. 

There was also a long stint of health and family issues....most have been resolved, some are still 'active' but moving toward resolution, and others are in the beginning stages...but that's life!

While life has yet to slow down, at least my studies are complete, and I now feel ready to begin reading and reviewing books to share with all of you.  I'm pacing myself....trying not to take on too many at one time.  While I cannot guarantee how often reviews will be posted, it shouldn't take 9 months in between!

Stay tuned - the newest book review will be posted soon!

~Angel Linda~

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