Friday, November 9, 2012

Courageous Teens - Michael Catt, Amy Parker

In the same way Courageous touched the lives of those who read the book or seen the movie, Courageous Teens will do the same for your teenager or soon-to-be teenager.  My 14 year old and I were both blown away by Courageous, so when the opportunity came up to read and review Courageous Teens, we jumped at the chance!  And this book did not disappoint.

My daughter and I read and worked our way through this book together.  She just devoured it and wants to share it with all the teens of her youth group.  She knows that she, and her friends, can be more than just average Christians and that they shouldn't settle for being just average Christians.  We plan on sharing this book with the youth leader.

Courageous Teens is a book that allows itself to be a individual bible study or a small group bible study. Each section is 2 or 3 chapters, ending with Think Courageously questions to ponder. Then at the end of each section you have a recap that ask some great questions and allows for practical application.
If you have teens now, preteens that will be teens soon, then grab a copy of this book.
Lets help our teens lead and live a courageous life.

I'd like to thank Handlebar Marketing for the complimentary copy of this book.

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