Thursday, November 8, 2012

Christmas in Apple Ridge - Cindy Woodsmall

Christmas In Apple Ridge is a collection of three Cindy Woodsmall Christmas novellas wrapped in one.  They are sure to warm your heart this Christmas season.

The Sound of Sleigh Bells
While unable to let go of a past tragedy, Beth, finds a remarkable, intricately carved scene of Amish children playing in the snow.  She is touched by this carving and can't understand why.  Beth's aunt becomes determined to find and have her niece, Beth, meet this talented artist.  After tracking him down, Beth finds that this artist isn't just gifted with carving.  Jonah, after much struggle of his own with his past, decides to restore the sleigh in his barn.  Beth and Jonah learn much about healing through the sound of sleigh bells.

The Christmas Singing
Mattie loves her new life in Ohio.  She's trying her best to put Gideon behind her and start her life over.  Gideon was Mattie's first true love....and heartbreak.  She still questions what it was that caused Gideon to find interest in someone Englisher, of all people.  But Gideon holds a secret. He believes he's done Mattie a favor setting her free.  But is this a decision he ends up regretting? After Mattie's bakery burns down and leaves Mattie injured, Gideon rushes to Mattie's side but his secret still surrounds the walls of his heart.  Sol, Mattie's new love, is confused as to Gideon's return after breaking Mattie's heart.  Mattie goes back home to Pennsylvania to visit Mamm and Daed for the holidays, while recovering from her injuries.  Being closer to Gideon, brings about more heart wounds than she bargained for.  Mattie needs to decide where she'll spend her favorite night of the year, Christmas Eve...her order to enjoy The Christmas Singing.

The Dawn of Christmas
In the newest story in the collection, we meet Sadie, who on the eve of her wedding finds her beloved husband-to-be in a compromising position with her cousin.  Sadie's heart is broken, as well as her trust in men.  She goes to the mission field, with the blessing of her family, as a way to help heal the wounds of her heart.  After four years away, her family believes it's time for her to come home and begin to settle down, but Sadie longs for the mission field of Peru.  Sadie returns briefly to her family in hopes that they will allow her to continue her mission work, but one night changes everything for Sadie...and Levi.  Levi has lived with his brother, helping to raise his brother's young son, after Levi's sister-in-law walked out on the marriage and being a mom.  Levi now distrusts love and women.  While out riding late at night, the Fourth of July fireworks spook the horse he's riding and he's thrown, laying injured in a field.  Sadie, who also decides to go our for a late night horseback ride, comes across the injured Levi.  As Levi recovers from his injuries, he and Sadie develop a friendship.  They decide to "keep the peace" of both their families and make it appear they are dating.  While deception is never a good thing - Levi and Sadie fall into their own trap and fall in love.

These touching stories will warm your holidays.  So grab some hot chocolate, kick back and give yourself a gift of enjoying a Christmas in Apple Ridge!

I'd like to extend my thanks to Blogging For Books for the complimentary copy of this book in exchange for this review.

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