Monday, October 22, 2012

The Lego® Principle by Joey Bonifacio

Publisher's Description:
Love God.
Love your neighbor.
Jesus called these the two most important commandments of all time. When He said this, He was making something clear to His listeners then as He does now: in life, it all boils down to our relationships. Using the example of LEGO®, a company that has been transforming the way people play for more than fifty years, Joey Bonifacio shows you how to make a difference—one connection at a time. 
Regardless of size and color, LEGO®s are designed to do one thing: connect. They connect at the top (God) and at the bottom (others). Hence The LEGO® Principle: connect first with God and then with others.
Joey Bonifacio writes about "the one thing" the church should be producing - discipleship. As the  author notes:“Discipleship is God's strategy for transforming the world.” The joy of discipleship is connecting with God and others.

There are four universal building blocks of relationship (trust, love, forgiveness, communication). The author tells how each of these building blocks apply to discipleship.

Discipleship should be your main value. Bonifacio writes:“What we value, we are willing to sacrifice for.” 
He looks at four values (people, Jesus, ministry, every day) and the corresponding discipleship principles.

The author reminds us that relationship with God and with others isn't just for our enjoyment but for reaching others. 
Bonifacio tells lots of encouraging stories, as well as shares factual tidbits about LEGO®s, making this overall, an interesting book. 
I'd like to thank Charisma House Publishers for the complimentary copy of the book.

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