Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Hair and God's Mercies . . . New Every Morning: A Story of a Life Changed by Grace Written by Yvette Maher

God never leaves us, even when we may think, "How could God still love me after what I did?" It's amazing how He shows His hand of grace, picking up the pieces of our broken life.  I find it inspiriting to read about others' lives and to see how God's works in each life He touches.  

In "My Hair & God's Mercies....New Every Morning:, Yvetter Maher shares some of the pain she's experienced in her life. Her book is filled with stories about different times in her life when things could have been hopeless, but God was still there and how He redeemed the hopeless situations and brought beauty from ashes.

While this book was very good, there didn't seem to be an "order" to the stories Maher included and sometimes it was hard to distinguish her "before" and "after" salvation life.  Most stories that I've read of a person's life experiences there seems to be a chronological order to the story, which wasn't always found here - I think that's what leads to some confusion.  The overall writing of the book seemed a bit disjointed.  I was also a bit unsettled about the title - it's long and wordy.  When I requested the book, by the title, I thought it might include a journey through cancer or something...the "hair" part of the title vs. story didn't match up, in my opinion.  Overall it was a good read.

Thanks to Tyndale for the complimentary copy.

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