Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Love Does by Bob Goff

Bob Goff says, "I wrote Love Does to capture some of the stories of hope, joy and whimsy that have helped to shape the way I see Jesus.  What I've realized is that I've learned a lot more about who He is from that people have done with their faith than I have from what they've said about their faith."
Bob Goff is a lawyer with an office in Disneyland.  He sees the world differently.   
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It's best to read it in small increments to fully absorb the profound truths held behind the veil of his stories. Each chapter is only a couple of pages and is easy to read in 5 minutes or less, giving you plenty of time in between "bites" to digest the truths.  Bob knows how to use a few words to say a lot.  Each and every chapter is a gift inside a lesson, wrapped inside an amazing story, enveloped inside a nearly unbelievable event that Bob and his family or friends got into. 
There are no doctrinal debates in this book, such as the age old issue of faith and deeds. He isn't trying to change your religion at all. He is zeroing in on a way to look at life through the eyes of how Jesus sees us. To love more, but more importantly to let that love do more.  Love is never stationary.
I recommend this book to anyone to challenge yourself to be a little more active in your love.  This book will add a  jolt of caffeine added to your walk with God! 
Thanks to the folks of the BookSneeze Blogger Program for the complimentary copy.

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