Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wait No More (One Family's Amazing Adoption Journey) - John & Kelly Rosati

The Rosati's never expected to adopt four children from the foster care system, but God had other plans.  In  Wait No More, Kelly and John share their amazing story of the blessings and challenges they encountered in their journey to adopt, as well as the journey through the child welfare system.  God's faithfulness throughout their story shows that what was once meant for evil (child abuse, abandonment and neglect), God can turn for good (how God brought their family together).  Their story reveals how their beliefs challenged, enriched, and completely changed their family’s life.  John and Kelly Rosati do an amazing job of keeping it real - the good and the bad - they tell the true story of their experiences with the kids, the biological parents, the system and every aspect of their walk - the pain and the joy.  This part of the story is so important. The Rosati's story is one of hope amid challenges, beauty from ashes, and faith that sustains. It's a beautiful picture of what family truly looks like.

Thank you, Tyndale, for the complimentary copy of this book for my review.

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