Thursday, September 13, 2012

Word Spirit Power: What Happens When You Seek All God Has to Offer by R.T. Kendall, Charles Carrin, Jack Taylor

Word Spirit Power answers a fundamental question posed to the church, "Where is the Acts 2 power to perform miracles?" The trio argues that despite many denominations insistence that God no longer performs miraculous signs and wonders like He did in the early church, it is rather the church that denies the Holy Spirit. This book offers an insightful message that the power of the Holy Spirit is activated when there is a marriage between the word of God and a yielding to the Holy Spirit. A balance of the two empowers us to fulfill our ministry with the biblical Holy Spirit power found in Acts 2.

Overall, this book will generate a passion for the Lord Jesus and His presence. Critics won't find much to wrestle with here except perhaps the experiences of the authors. The chapters are given not to theologically show our need for God and His power but to generate a hunger for God. I am hungry for God. I want Him to move in power in my life. I want to see souls saved for the glory of God and I want Jesus to be exalted in answering our cries. Truly He is a mighty God! 

I wish to thank Bethany House Publishers/Chosen Books for the complimentary copy of this book.

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